Sunday, 14 September 2008

Eating out

Went into central London for brunch with the ILs. Didn't know where we were going so packed a picnic of steamed broccolli and roast sweet potato for Rafs. In the end he ate very little as the restaurant was full of so many distractions. Phoebe did fairly well though with her veggie sausage baguette, and even tried a mouthful of her cousin's baked beans. Still doesn't like them but at least she tried.

For dinner he has eaten a fair bit more of the broccolli and sweet pots, along with some couscous and some rice cake with hoummus. It's fantastic that he likes hoummus; it's a great protein source for a veggie and as DH eats the commercial stuff for breakfast every day it's a family staple.

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