Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Yoghurt and weigh day

Took Rafs to baby clinic this afternoon. Very rarely do as in term time it clashes with Phoebe's weekly swimming lesson. At 6 months and 2 days, he weighs 18lb 10oz. Just over double his birth weight (9lb 4.5oz) but down from 91st centile at birth to 75th now. But what I want to know is, why haven't I lost 9lb?!

He is 70cm tall, just below 91st centile (was 95th at birth). This is why I can barely do up his 9-12 month vests and sleepsuits, but they are very baggy. It conerns me a little as his parents and sister are all short/plump not tall/slim. If he hadn't been born at home I'd be wondering about a hospital mix-up! It's also annoying to have two babies born in Feb, but one so much bigger than the first. Her cute Christmas sleepsuits went straight into the too small box last week.

Anyway, back to the food. There was no reason to delay dairy so took the plunge today with some plain natural yoghurt. He pulled his "is this poison?" face and wasn't very impressed, but kept spooning it in himself for 10 minutes or so. I think I'll put fruit in it next time. Banana was pretty much ignored. He did take one huge bite and looked very surprised, but did chew and swallow most of it.

I did mention BLW to the health visitor, but she wasn't very interested. Maybe I should have gone to their official weaning workshop after all, just out of curiosity. Have no idea what their policy is.


Becoming Mommy said...

kudos to you for getting your child to use a spoon.
We've tried and tried.
Sasha has zero interest in utensils except as potential projectiles to send at my head.

Sarah said...

Thanks, but it wasn't intentional! He won't/can't use his hands directly just yet. My daughter refused to use a spoon from about 10-18 months so that's what I was expecting again.