Monday, 18 August 2008

Up to 2 meals

Lunch - more roast sweet potato, very enthusiasticaly received. Boiled carrots, not rejected this time. About half a baton eaten. Banana yoghurt. Little Rachel this time. Runnier than Yeo Valley but no sugar.

Long wet afternoon at home. By the third showing of Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea by brain was dribbling out of my ears. So I decided in my wisdon to give Raf dinner as well. Another half of a carrot baton went down, and some avocado was thoroughly squashed. Apple/pear puree was appreciated too, although his sister's antics (naked hula-hooping) were rather distracting.


Mel_x said...

LMAO at the naked hula hooping!!

poor Raf!!!


Mel x

Sarah said...

She could have a very lucrative career ahead of her...

I really should enforce the eating at the table thing, but lack the energy at present.