Saturday, 9 August 2008

Sorry about yesterday

I actually went out in the evening. Not something I'll be repeating anytime soon; Phoebe begged to come with me, while Rafael apparently cried for 2 hours wanting to comfort-nurse. He still stays up with us all evening and comes to bed with me (we co-sleep), but Project Bedtime will commence soon. Just want to get weaning onto solids well underway first.

Anyway, back to the food. Yesterday he had more steamed butternut squash and a peach flavour yoghurt (Yeo Valley Fruit Tumble). As you can see above, the yoghurt was a hit. He had a bath straight afterwards as his hair was full of it.

Today, yet more squash. It was a big one; still have masses left and some frozen. Also some nectarine pieces. This surprised him a lot. Because it's the same colour, he hadn't realised it wasn't squash, and was not terribly impressed.

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