Sunday, 17 August 2008


For a change, we made a roast lunch today. Well, sort of, as we're a semi-veggie household (apart from the cats). Quorn escalopes for the adults and sole goujons (posh fish fingers) for the big girl.

Rafael had roast sweet potatoes, which are definitely his favourite finger food so far. Just as well as I've got several days worth in the fridge now. He had a bit of normal potato but it crumbled too much in his hands. We intended to give him baby corn but it was still too crunchy after 20 minutes steaming. Phoebe liked it, at least.

Phoebe wanted to choose his pudding, and went for a banana/mango puree (Plum Baby). Apparently, because she doesn't like fresh plums and nectarines, she thinks he won't either. She is astonished that he likes sweet potato. It's very cute that she cares so much.

He'll turn orange at this rate!

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