Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Pasta and plum

Lunch - pasta twists and yet more sweet potato. This was his introduction to wheat. He didn't pull his "yuck" face, but really, who doesn't like pasta? It's utterly inoffensive surely. I think he swallowed about half a twist as it was a little gaggy. Then apple/pear puree again. Phoebe had plain pasta and puree too; that's a typical meal for her alas.

Dinner - a quartered yellow plum. I bravely left the skin on, quelling thoughts of "choking hazard!" . It was great, very easy to handle. We have a new favourite food; he demolished it! One quarter was completely eaten, skin and all. The rest was all sucked off the skin. After all that he wasn't bothered about his puree (homemade butternut squash) and started his "bored now" spoon-banging after only 3 or 4 mouthfuls.

Phoebe was over 1 before she ate this much! It doesn't seem to have displaced milk luckily. He has visibly gained since we started and now has lovely wrist and ankle creases and a double chin.

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