Monday, 4 August 2008

Nothing new today

The lunchtime scene here was one of controlled chaos, as I was feeding four children aged 3-6, three adults, and of course one 6 month old baby. So poor R was left until everyone else had enjoyed their tofu hotdogs, strawberries and toffee cake. Towards the end he was making it clear that he wanted some food too!

He had a banana just broken in half, and managed 3 or so small bites when I helped him hold it. It wasn't rejected, which is good - not a total spoon addict yet.I offered it first, then left it on his mat once he got fed up, and he did come back to it once his beloved squash was all gone. The butternut squash puree was a great success again. He must have spent over half an hour playing with it, and he has mastered spoon-swapping already. When I wave a newly-loaded one in his direction he instantly drops the used one in order to grab the new one. Definitely a boy who knows what he likes. Anyway, I defrosted FIVE, yes FIVE, ice cubes of the stuff for him and I think, despite the mess everywhere, most of it went into him. It's incredible to have a child who wants to eat! Those of you with fussy non-eaters will understand.

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