Thursday, 7 August 2008

No longer strapless!

It's bright red and cost a small fortune, but at last we can finally use the high chair. Rafs seems to like it luckily.

Today he played with some steamed butternut squash pieces and ate a little. Then, wanting to give dairy again, I offered him rice pudding (Hipp Organic jar). It was ground rice, milk, and a little sugar (bad mummy). Oh my goodness, I have never seen anything like it! I couldn't fill up his spoons fast enough. Usually he chews on them a bit before reaching for another, but today it was slurp, drop, grab at breakneck speed. After about 3/4 of the jar he must have been full because he suddenly completely lost interest and started trying to climb out of his chair instead. The mess was absolutely horrendous, but he was one very happy baby. I have some pudding rice somewhere so I will have to make my own lumpier version for him. I expected him to loathe it so took the easy option as a trial. Phoebe has always hated dairy foods even at Raf's age, so I'm extra-amazed. The only way I could convince her to eat yoghurt as a baby was to put peas in it!

We had friends over later on. Phoebe and her friend had a very boring meal - fish fingers, potato waffles and sweetcorn. Both of them are very picky in different ways so it was the best we could do. The other baby, a month younger than Rafi, had standard powder-based baby rice, and Rafi looked very jealous of her meal. I'm not ready to up it to more than one meal a day - it's so hard to cope with both children needing me at once - but I might have to do it soon.

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