Tuesday, 26 August 2008

My boy likes cheese!

Lunch - more pasta twists and carrots. Phoebe also had sweetcorn, but he can't pick it up yet, so I offered Plum Baby sweetcorn/carrot puree. First taste was spat out with a shudder, and he refused to put it anywhere near his mouth again. Fair enough; it was a bit gross really.

Dinner was rice cakes, now definitely liked, and slices of medium Yeo Valley cheddar. Phoebe could sniff out (and reject) a cheese molecule like a shark detecting blood, even at his age. But Raf couldn't get enough of the stuff. This opens up so many options - macaroni cheese, cheese on toast, pizza, sandwiches... We're absolutely ecstatic!

Then he had a Hipp apple/mango/peach pot. It was very yummy; Phoebe ate two.

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