Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Even more orange

The rest of the roast sweet pots were thoroughly squished today and quite well eaten, although we did have two dribbly little gags. I'm not sure he got any nectarine in as it was very slippery, but he certainly got juice on his fingers so got the flavour.

Then I offered loaded spoons of apple and pear puree (Hipp Organic) because I wanted to give a new taste and the fridge is bare. It's certainly a family food anyway, as Phoebe is addicted to "fruit pots". I limit her to two a day! She was delighted that he was having one too. He liked it, although as it was too thin to stay on the spoon well, most of it ran down onto his neck and chest. Oh well, it's only more laundry. The washing machine is on most of the time anyway as he possets a lot and can go through 4 or 5 outfits on a bad day. I do have some long-sleeved bibs but they are mainly pink. Fine with me but DH objects!

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