Friday, 15 August 2008


Not a great success. He insisted on eating the stems, which were too gaggy, and then he crumbled the heads into tiny florets that he couldn't pick up. It was very frustrating and he got quite cross. So I got the apple/pear puree out again, and this made him happy.


Mel_x said...

Oh Sarah - what a monkey Raf is being with his eating...typical baby huh, wanting to do the opposite of what you want!

George was very funny for a long time about cauliflower, and would only eat it if it was in things like my baby pies etc.

He is doing amazingly well with the spoon though - I am so impressed.


Mel x

Sarah said...

Thanks Mel! I'm very happy overall - he does love his food and gets very excited as soon as he sees his bib.

If he was my first I wouldn't bother with the spoon at all, but it's such a novel experience for me to see a baby wanting to eat that I can't bear to restrict him.

It does help that I have a very high mess threshold (and wooden floors) so am quite happy to let him get stuff everywhere when he misses his mouth or tries to put the wrong end of the spoon in. Phoebe and I just find it very entertaining.

He's got to learn sometime so why not practice a bit now? He's in control so isn't being overfed, which I understand to be a risk with conventional parent-led spoon-feeding.