Thursday, 21 August 2008


Specifically, an Organix Baby Biscuit. Not great I know, but at least it wasn't orange. He was very puzzled because it was too hard to chew (he has no teeth yet) and soon discarded it in favour of squash pieces. Phoebe said it was yucky, and I agree - very dry with a weird flavour. Won't buy them again. Apple/pear puree followed.

Dinner was the last of the squash, along with rice pudding blobs as finger food. Both greatly enjoyed. Then I offered Plum Baby Super Porridge, banana and plum flavour, made up with normal full-fat cow's milk. He loathed it, and having tried it myself I don't blame him. It tasted like envelope glue. Will just do normal porridge with rolled oats next time. He enjoyed a Plum Baby banana/mango pot instead.

So I learned a lesson today about versions of normal foods aimed at babies. In my defence the ones above are new products that were not around 3 years ago when Phoebe was this age.

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