Saturday, 2 August 2008


DH did Raf's lunch today while I took Phoebe out to the theatre. I am told that the avocado pieces were too ripe so were instantly squished into mush in his hands. However, when he was offered a spoon loaded with the resulting mush he seemed to like it.

I did make carrot puree yesterday. I'd forgotten what a hassle it is - I understeamed them and ended up scraping them out of the blender, microwaving, and re-blending. I haven't got time to do all that! It's enough to drive anyone to jars.

Phoebe, who loves carrots, tried the watery orange slop and pronounced it "Yuck." However, it seems that Rafael did quite like it and isn't anti-carrot after all. It can't be down to laziness, because he's using the spoon himself. Does he just prefer a smooth texture? He's perfectly capable of chewing; I've seen it. Well, I'm not going to pander to him and become a full-time mush-feeder. As his fine motor skills improve he'll be keener on proper food, I'm sure. Bring on the pincer grip.

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