Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Avocado and carrot, take two

We had a childless friend visiting for lunch today. She was very tolerant of holding the grumpy boy while I made sandwiches, of the two mid-meal nappy changes, the mess Raf made, and of my inability to follow a conversation for more than about 30 seconds. Once upon a time she was my manager; how different my life is now.

Rafs had avocado pieces and did pretty well with them. I think he actually consumed almost a quarter of the fruit. He has already started to open his hands to get at the squishy mess inside them, which is fantastic progress. He also had carrot puree, but was not keen. Am going to leave carrots for a while as they have never been very welcome.

He has been wanting to bf immediately after his meal, even though he usually feeds right before it as well. I think it's time to introduce a cup of water for him to explore. I'm optimistic that he will figure it out quickly; he has never had any problems with an occasional bottlefeed. I can't remember if I'm supposed to use cooled boiled water or not. Off to look that up now.


Mel_x said...

Do you know - probably a bad mum, but after about 3 weeks I gave tap the mean time we had a family meal out at pizza express and dh & I had a bottle of the wine cooler was George's frog sippy cup!!!! pmsl.

Sounds Like Raffie is doing really well tbh - very proud of him with his spoon if you don't mind me saying so....

btw - one of my best friends is a Raphael - so I am a total convert to the name - great choice!!!

Mel x

Sarah said...

Thanks! I'm amazed that I can't remember what we did with Phoebe, but as she was formula fed I imagine I just did cups at the same time as bottles.

We really struggled for a boy name, and only settled on that at more than 41 weeks!