Sunday, 31 August 2008

Mashed potato cakes

Based on Jenny Maizel's recipe in Finger Food. Mix in some cheese, flatten balls, draw smiley faces with 3 year old, bake or fry. Phoebe ate them despite the cheese! Bit squishy for Rafs but some went in. Along with squash pieces, then raspberry yoghurt.

Dinner was avocado and plum.

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Cream cheese on toast

He struggled a little as it needed more chewing than he is used to, and gave up fairly quickly. About half a finger did go in though! Then he enjoyed some avocado and melon.

Dinner was steamed butternut squash (he adores it still) and the last of the melon. Slight choking episode with the melon, but one quick pat on the back sorted him out. I wasn't there but DH said it was definitely different to gagging :(. No harm done; just a reminder to always supervise them while eating and make sure not to give them melon or similar that is a bit too hard.

PS No spoons today.

Friday, 29 August 2008

Pretty in pink

Mmmm, courgettes and cheese.

Although I do fancy a bit of that ice lolly.

If only I could crawl... Who needs cheese when there are cat biscuits?

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Nothing new

Lunch - a very large purple plum, skin off because it was very loose. Apricot yoghurt.

No dinner. He slept 5:30-7:15, by which time Phoebe had eaten all his avocado!

Wednesday, 27 August 2008


Lunch - pasta twists and avocado. 3 cubes of butternut squash puree from freezer, then when that ran out, a whole apple/peach/mango pot.

Dinner - the rest of the avocado and some very juicy squishy melon. All a bit frustrating for him. No spoon food as he ate so much lunch and I don't want more constipation.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

My boy likes cheese!

Lunch - more pasta twists and carrots. Phoebe also had sweetcorn, but he can't pick it up yet, so I offered Plum Baby sweetcorn/carrot puree. First taste was spat out with a shudder, and he refused to put it anywhere near his mouth again. Fair enough; it was a bit gross really.

Dinner was rice cakes, now definitely liked, and slices of medium Yeo Valley cheddar. Phoebe could sniff out (and reject) a cheese molecule like a shark detecting blood, even at his age. But Raf couldn't get enough of the stuff. This opens up so many options - macaroni cheese, cheese on toast, pizza, sandwiches... We're absolutely ecstatic!

Then he had a Hipp apple/mango/peach pot. It was very yummy; Phoebe ate two.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Eating again today, yippee

He "exploded" last night, but it didn't seem to bother him at all luckily. So back to normal today.

We went out to Kew Gardens. I don't recommend the Victoria Terrace cafe. Long queue, nasty soggy sandwiches and dry oranges. Phoebe's plain scone was nice though. Rafi had a banana/peach jar, as there was no suitable finger food available to buy, which was tricky. The high chairs were for toddlers not babies, so I did it on my lap. As he won't let me feed him, we both ended up covered in a sticky mess. Then he had two mini rice cakes. Last time these were rejected, but today he seemed to enjoy them a lot more.

Dinner (at home) was pasta twists and steamed carrots. He's still not overkeen on carrots but accepts them.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

No food today

All that eating has made him constipated, so we have decided on no more solids till he does a poo. 48 hours and counting. Neither of us wants to hold him, it's like playing "Pass the bomb."

We went out for lunch today as we didn't have to worry about him. Veggie/fishy options on the extensive childrens' menu included mini lentil burger, veggie hot dog, macaroni cheese, fish pie and spaghetti with tomato sauce. But none of these are acceptable to Miss Picky, so she had the bread from around my own lentil burger (luckily there was no sauce to contaminate it), half of DH's chips, and a side order of sweetcorn. It's immensely frustrating.

Saturday, 23 August 2008


Lunch - quartered yellow plum, boiled courgette, mango/banana puree.
Dinner - quartered ripe pear, red lentils boiled for 30 minutes to make a thick soup. Neutral response really. Think he prefers sweeter things.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Bottomless pit!

Late lunch today (1:45) thanks to Phoebe's morning at a sports camp. Raf was clearly starving. He had his first proper pear and ate about half, along with a few bits of avocado. Then he went through an entire raspberry yoghurt and was still keen, so half an apple/pear puree pot followed. Of course he didn't actually eat all of the liquidy stuff because much of it got spread around, but still...

Dinner was just pasta twists and boiled courgette. I didn't offer any spoon-food this time, so he had a very long bf instead.

Thursday, 21 August 2008


Specifically, an Organix Baby Biscuit. Not great I know, but at least it wasn't orange. He was very puzzled because it was too hard to chew (he has no teeth yet) and soon discarded it in favour of squash pieces. Phoebe said it was yucky, and I agree - very dry with a weird flavour. Won't buy them again. Apple/pear puree followed.

Dinner was the last of the squash, along with rice pudding blobs as finger food. Both greatly enjoyed. Then I offered Plum Baby Super Porridge, banana and plum flavour, made up with normal full-fat cow's milk. He loathed it, and having tried it myself I don't blame him. It tasted like envelope glue. Will just do normal porridge with rolled oats next time. He enjoyed a Plum Baby banana/mango pot instead.

So I learned a lesson today about versions of normal foods aimed at babies. In my defence the ones above are new products that were not around 3 years ago when Phoebe was this age.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

More and more

Lunch was more pasta twists with fried courgette. My mother's help V, who comes twice a week so I can do a bit of study or work, was here at lunchtime. She was flabbergasted to see him picking up and munching his food. He had carrot puree to follow and she couldn't resist trying to spoonfeed him, but he wasn't having any of it - atta boy! I think in the end they compromised; she held the very end of the spoon and he had it near the bowl. He was certainly less messy than usual.

Dinner was steamed squash pieces then mango yoghurt, both comprehensively demolished. He was very ready for two meals. I think he would like three but I can't face it quite yet.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Pasta and plum

Lunch - pasta twists and yet more sweet potato. This was his introduction to wheat. He didn't pull his "yuck" face, but really, who doesn't like pasta? It's utterly inoffensive surely. I think he swallowed about half a twist as it was a little gaggy. Then apple/pear puree again. Phoebe had plain pasta and puree too; that's a typical meal for her alas.

Dinner - a quartered yellow plum. I bravely left the skin on, quelling thoughts of "choking hazard!" . It was great, very easy to handle. We have a new favourite food; he demolished it! One quarter was completely eaten, skin and all. The rest was all sucked off the skin. After all that he wasn't bothered about his puree (homemade butternut squash) and started his "bored now" spoon-banging after only 3 or 4 mouthfuls.

Phoebe was over 1 before she ate this much! It doesn't seem to have displaced milk luckily. He has visibly gained since we started and now has lovely wrist and ankle creases and a double chin.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Up to 2 meals

Lunch - more roast sweet potato, very enthusiasticaly received. Boiled carrots, not rejected this time. About half a baton eaten. Banana yoghurt. Little Rachel this time. Runnier than Yeo Valley but no sugar.

Long wet afternoon at home. By the third showing of Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea by brain was dribbling out of my ears. So I decided in my wisdon to give Raf dinner as well. Another half of a carrot baton went down, and some avocado was thoroughly squashed. Apple/pear puree was appreciated too, although his sister's antics (naked hula-hooping) were rather distracting.

Sunday, 17 August 2008


For a change, we made a roast lunch today. Well, sort of, as we're a semi-veggie household (apart from the cats). Quorn escalopes for the adults and sole goujons (posh fish fingers) for the big girl.

Rafael had roast sweet potatoes, which are definitely his favourite finger food so far. Just as well as I've got several days worth in the fridge now. He had a bit of normal potato but it crumbled too much in his hands. We intended to give him baby corn but it was still too crunchy after 20 minutes steaming. Phoebe liked it, at least.

Phoebe wanted to choose his pudding, and went for a banana/mango puree (Plum Baby). Apparently, because she doesn't like fresh plums and nectarines, she thinks he won't either. She is astonished that he likes sweet potato. It's very cute that she cares so much.

He'll turn orange at this rate!

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Learning fast

Gave him the rest of the cauliflower today and he managed it much better than yesterday. He still went for the stems first, but ate the heads too instead of destroying them. Much less went on the floor. Also offered avocado pieces but these were almost entirely ignored.

Followed up with raspberry yoghurt (a new flavour). It was quite sharp, and made him wince a little, but he kept going back for more. Now he smells lovely - think he still has some in his hair.

Friday, 15 August 2008


Not a great success. He insisted on eating the stems, which were too gaggy, and then he crumbled the heads into tiny florets that he couldn't pick up. It was very frustrating and he got quite cross. So I got the apple/pear puree out again, and this made him happy.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Apricot yoghurt

My fridge was bare and I was short of time, so that's all he got. Went down well though, and was apparently great fun to spread around his mat.

Organic box has now arrived and Ocado man is on his way, so tomorrow will be better. This will be much easier once I intoduce wheat and can just chuck him a slice of toast!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Peeled, cut into batons, fried in olive oil till very soft. He seemed to quite like them so I will do it again.

Top tip - don't offer banana at the same time. It's even harder to pick up when coated in olive oil from the mat! I'm going to abandon it for the time being and try mixing it with porridge instead once he starts having more cereal in his diet.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Even more orange

The rest of the roast sweet pots were thoroughly squished today and quite well eaten, although we did have two dribbly little gags. I'm not sure he got any nectarine in as it was very slippery, but he certainly got juice on his fingers so got the flavour.

Then I offered loaded spoons of apple and pear puree (Hipp Organic) because I wanted to give a new taste and the fridge is bare. It's certainly a family food anyway, as Phoebe is addicted to "fruit pots". I limit her to two a day! She was delighted that he was having one too. He liked it, although as it was too thin to stay on the spoon well, most of it ran down onto his neck and chest. Oh well, it's only more laundry. The washing machine is on most of the time anyway as he possets a lot and can go through 4 or 5 outfits on a bad day. I do have some long-sleeved bibs but they are mainly pink. Fine with me but DH objects!

Monday, 11 August 2008

The orange and white diet

Must offer him something green soon!

Today he had roast sweet potato. Much easier to hold than the more slippery things I've been offering, and he definitely consumed a fair bit. Also gave the rice pudding I made yesterday. It was thick enough to give as finger food, and was a fun new texture for him to play with, albeit messy. He managed to get quite a lot of it in his mouth and seemed to enjoy it.

We've started to get interesting nappies with chunks of undigested food in them, so he is swallowing more and more. All good signs.

Sunday, 10 August 2008


Pieces were pushed about without much enthusiasm. He only tried to put some in his mouth when he saw his sister eating some - the power of family mnealtimes. When he was thoroughly bored and chewing on his bib instead, we offered Plum Baby mango/banana/quinoa puree (loaded spoons, as usual) which was happily accepted. I'm loathe to stop offering the spoon when he enjoys it so much, but feel somewhat guilty. Oh well, I'm sure he'll be doing better with his finger foods soon enough.

I have made some rice pudding for tomorrow. Dead easy, and much cheaper than buying jars. 1 pint of full fat milk, 2 1/2 oz pudding rice, 1 oz sugar. Put in greased ovenproof dish, cover with foil, bake for 2 hours at 150C. Nice with dried fruit and nutmeg for older babies. Lets hope he likes it as much as he did the jar.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Sorry about yesterday

I actually went out in the evening. Not something I'll be repeating anytime soon; Phoebe begged to come with me, while Rafael apparently cried for 2 hours wanting to comfort-nurse. He still stays up with us all evening and comes to bed with me (we co-sleep), but Project Bedtime will commence soon. Just want to get weaning onto solids well underway first.

Anyway, back to the food. Yesterday he had more steamed butternut squash and a peach flavour yoghurt (Yeo Valley Fruit Tumble). As you can see above, the yoghurt was a hit. He had a bath straight afterwards as his hair was full of it.

Today, yet more squash. It was a big one; still have masses left and some frozen. Also some nectarine pieces. This surprised him a lot. Because it's the same colour, he hadn't realised it wasn't squash, and was not terribly impressed.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

No longer strapless!

It's bright red and cost a small fortune, but at last we can finally use the high chair. Rafs seems to like it luckily.

Today he played with some steamed butternut squash pieces and ate a little. Then, wanting to give dairy again, I offered him rice pudding (Hipp Organic jar). It was ground rice, milk, and a little sugar (bad mummy). Oh my goodness, I have never seen anything like it! I couldn't fill up his spoons fast enough. Usually he chews on them a bit before reaching for another, but today it was slurp, drop, grab at breakneck speed. After about 3/4 of the jar he must have been full because he suddenly completely lost interest and started trying to climb out of his chair instead. The mess was absolutely horrendous, but he was one very happy baby. I have some pudding rice somewhere so I will have to make my own lumpier version for him. I expected him to loathe it so took the easy option as a trial. Phoebe has always hated dairy foods even at Raf's age, so I'm extra-amazed. The only way I could convince her to eat yoghurt as a baby was to put peas in it!

We had friends over later on. Phoebe and her friend had a very boring meal - fish fingers, potato waffles and sweetcorn. Both of them are very picky in different ways so it was the best we could do. The other baby, a month younger than Rafi, had standard powder-based baby rice, and Rafi looked very jealous of her meal. I'm not ready to up it to more than one meal a day - it's so hard to cope with both children needing me at once - but I might have to do it soon.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Avocado and carrot, take two

We had a childless friend visiting for lunch today. She was very tolerant of holding the grumpy boy while I made sandwiches, of the two mid-meal nappy changes, the mess Raf made, and of my inability to follow a conversation for more than about 30 seconds. Once upon a time she was my manager; how different my life is now.

Rafs had avocado pieces and did pretty well with them. I think he actually consumed almost a quarter of the fruit. He has already started to open his hands to get at the squishy mess inside them, which is fantastic progress. He also had carrot puree, but was not keen. Am going to leave carrots for a while as they have never been very welcome.

He has been wanting to bf immediately after his meal, even though he usually feeds right before it as well. I think it's time to introduce a cup of water for him to explore. I'm optimistic that he will figure it out quickly; he has never had any problems with an occasional bottlefeed. I can't remember if I'm supposed to use cooled boiled water or not. Off to look that up now.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Yoghurt and weigh day

Took Rafs to baby clinic this afternoon. Very rarely do as in term time it clashes with Phoebe's weekly swimming lesson. At 6 months and 2 days, he weighs 18lb 10oz. Just over double his birth weight (9lb 4.5oz) but down from 91st centile at birth to 75th now. But what I want to know is, why haven't I lost 9lb?!

He is 70cm tall, just below 91st centile (was 95th at birth). This is why I can barely do up his 9-12 month vests and sleepsuits, but they are very baggy. It conerns me a little as his parents and sister are all short/plump not tall/slim. If he hadn't been born at home I'd be wondering about a hospital mix-up! It's also annoying to have two babies born in Feb, but one so much bigger than the first. Her cute Christmas sleepsuits went straight into the too small box last week.

Anyway, back to the food. There was no reason to delay dairy so took the plunge today with some plain natural yoghurt. He pulled his "is this poison?" face and wasn't very impressed, but kept spooning it in himself for 10 minutes or so. I think I'll put fruit in it next time. Banana was pretty much ignored. He did take one huge bite and looked very surprised, but did chew and swallow most of it.

I did mention BLW to the health visitor, but she wasn't very interested. Maybe I should have gone to their official weaning workshop after all, just out of curiosity. Have no idea what their policy is.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Nothing new today

The lunchtime scene here was one of controlled chaos, as I was feeding four children aged 3-6, three adults, and of course one 6 month old baby. So poor R was left until everyone else had enjoyed their tofu hotdogs, strawberries and toffee cake. Towards the end he was making it clear that he wanted some food too!

He had a banana just broken in half, and managed 3 or so small bites when I helped him hold it. It wasn't rejected, which is good - not a total spoon addict yet.I offered it first, then left it on his mat once he got fed up, and he did come back to it once his beloved squash was all gone. The butternut squash puree was a great success again. He must have spent over half an hour playing with it, and he has mastered spoon-swapping already. When I wave a newly-loaded one in his direction he instantly drops the used one in order to grab the new one. Definitely a boy who knows what he likes. Anyway, I defrosted FIVE, yes FIVE, ice cubes of the stuff for him and I think, despite the mess everywhere, most of it went into him. It's incredible to have a child who wants to eat! Those of you with fussy non-eaters will understand.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Happy half-birthday!

Pink champagne for us! Rafael celebrated with rice cake. Well, I say, celebrated but what I mean is recoiled in horror and disgust. His face, on biting off a piece, was a real picture. Sadly I didn't catch it on camera. So I gave in, and let him have his first "ready meal", a jar of banana and peach gunge. We were visiting my parents so I had brought it along as a back up. Result was half an hour of blissful self-spooning and finger-dipping. He really really likes peach.

Only 9 days in and we seem to be getting further and further away from "proper" BLW. It's my own fault for giving him a spoon in the first place, but now I'm not sure where to go from here. I feel bad that we're not doing it as fully as planned, frustrated that he clearly prefers mush even though I know he can chew, and also feel guilty at not necessarily giving him what he wants. Should I be genuinely "baby-led" and let him have what he clearly enjoys? Does trusting your baby mean letting him eat just puree? Hmm... Thoughts anyone? I didn't have the problem with Phoebe as she wouldn't eat anything!

Saturday, 2 August 2008


DH did Raf's lunch today while I took Phoebe out to the theatre. I am told that the avocado pieces were too ripe so were instantly squished into mush in his hands. However, when he was offered a spoon loaded with the resulting mush he seemed to like it.

I did make carrot puree yesterday. I'd forgotten what a hassle it is - I understeamed them and ended up scraping them out of the blender, microwaving, and re-blending. I haven't got time to do all that! It's enough to drive anyone to jars.

Phoebe, who loves carrots, tried the watery orange slop and pronounced it "Yuck." However, it seems that Rafael did quite like it and isn't anti-carrot after all. It can't be down to laziness, because he's using the spoon himself. Does he just prefer a smooth texture? He's perfectly capable of chewing; I've seen it. Well, I'm not going to pander to him and become a full-time mush-feeder. As his fine motor skills improve he'll be keener on proper food, I'm sure. Bring on the pincer grip.

Friday, 1 August 2008

Rerun of yesterday

Steamed carrots thrown on the floor or ignored. Squash puree devoured; much screaming when it was all gone. That's a new experience for me!

As an experiment, I will offer steamed squash and carrot puree, to see if it's the flavour or texture that is the issue. Does he adore squash, puree in general, or just the easier-to-hold nature of a spoon?