Monday, 28 July 2008


I've just been browsing the archives a bit more thoroughly. Rafs was having his usual "snack and snooze" session while DH put Phoebe to bed - she sleeps about as well as she eats so 9pm-ish is when she usually conks out.

Anyway, I'm stunned by George! By 8 months he was eating more, both quantity and variety, that Phoebe does age 3.5. She has never, to my knowledge, eaten eggs, cheese, pizza, butternut squash, sweet potato, blackberries... She will however eat an entire mango in one sitting so at least they have that in common. We made broad bean soup today and she was very keen to try it, but the first spoonful was spat everywhere in horror.

Please please please let Rafael be an eater. I guess time will tell. On reflection, I need to give him things that are less slippery than bananas. At his age Phoebe had almost perfected her pincer grip but he has trouble even using his whole hand. Frustrated with him, she keeps picking things up for him and trying to stuff them in his mouth. Sweet but not actually remotely helpful! Especially when she tried to share her ice-lolly (homemade, just frozen apple and cranberry juice) this afternoon...

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