Friday, 4 July 2008

Update & Fame at Last!

Well Hello lovely readers,

Mel here for a mini update on us! Bur first, check out the new link to the Rapley Weaning site - where our own lovely blog gets a mention! Woo Hoo!

Well, believe it or not, my beautiful little George is now 2. OMG how did that happen. You would never believe that he is the same little boy about whom I had all the weight concerns. He is chattering away, and is a little minor bird, so we have to be careful what we say around him.

The last time he was weighed he was back up to the 75th centile, so never think that BLW is a poor substitute to puree for a little baby! we are proof that it works well.

Finally, if someone is just starting out on their BLW journey and would like to contribute to the blog along with Kat & I please let me know.


Mel x


Becoming Mommy said...

It certainly does provide sufficient food!!!

Our Sasha is 13m.o. and 23lbs. That's PLENTY for his age. No concerns from his pediatrician on being too thin!

JS said...

Hi Mel! I just found your blog (yesterday) when I did a search on "Baby Led Weaning". I have been reading your blog feverishly over the last two days. My dd Delaney is almost 6 months old (on 9/20/08). I have exclusively breastfed (although she take 2 small bottles of my expressed milk three times a week while at daycare for the last month). I will definitely make her own food (hope to do as much as I can with organic) and will probably choose to do BLW. I would like to contribute to your blog with our experience - although, we are all the way in the US :). Thanks for providing your, Kat, and Sarah's experiences with BLW.