Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Potato and squash

Well, the banana definitely went in, as he had lovely wormy bits in his nappy this morning. Good to see!

Am out of bananas so had planned plums for today. They turned out to be way too squishy and juicy, so instead I microwaved a jacket potato and cut the inside into the required "chip-shapes". It was still too hard for him to pick up though, and crumbled in his hands. He did get some in, but it proved to be rather gag-inducing. That stresses me, especially as he has a blocked up nose from a cold. So I gave up on that after a while and moved on to (purists look away now) a spoon!

I happen to have some pureed butternut squash in my freezer. I overcooked some a few weeks ago so thought I might as well whizz it up and make ice-cubes. So as we weren't getting anywhere and I had wanted to offer a new flavour today, I zapped a cube for him. Don't panic, I didn't feed it to him myself! Gave him a loaded spoon to play with, and this made him very happy indeed. Much easier to hold, and he surprised me by putting it straight into the right place, rather than in his hair or up his nose. I think he consumed about half the cube overall. Which is more squash than Phoebe has ever eaten in her life, so that made me very happy indeed too. I shall buy another one and roast some for him soon.

So, new plan is to continue in this way, offering both finger foods and control of his own spoon. That's pretty much what I did last time and even though she's so fussy about flavour, she has never had an issue with textures so it worked well in that respect. Until she went on her spoon strike from about 10 months...

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