Friday, 25 July 2008

Nearly there

Still no high chair strap, as I was too mean to pay over £13 for one on eBay. Will keep working on it though.

Got my latest organic box yesterday (we get the Family Box from and as well as the usual bananas there was a lovely watermelon, so we will be starting with that tomorrow. Phoebe, who doesn't even like watermelon, has been begging us to open it. Have also done some roast potatoes tonight, and we already know he likes boiled ones. So fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Only a week or so off 6 months, so that's not bad. I did privately celebrate his expected due date a few days ago (21st) and have some pink fizz (Camel Valley, bought in Cornwall) ready in the fridge to celebrate on 3rd August. 6 months feels like quite a significant milestone.

In other news, Phoebe pestered me endlessly today till I gave in and helped her make a banana milkshake that she saw on Big Cook Little Cook (a CBeebies programme that she loves). Dead easy, just blending a banana, a cup of milk and a tablespoon of yoghurt. One slurp through a straw and of course, "I don't liiiiiike it." Me neither, I hate milk. Luckily her father, who was working at home today, heroically drank the lot.

More tomorrow, and maybe a pic if I can figure out how.

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Mel_x said...

I LOVE Camel Valley fizz - we bought a case when we went to Cornwall just before we got married....worth a trip all that way for another one! Yummy!