Tuesday, 29 July 2008

More banana

More successful today. He clearly remembered liking it yesterday, and as soon as I had the mat/food set up he started making the enthusiastic puppy-like panting noises he does when he's about to get a much-wanted breastfeed.

I tried leaving some peel on as "handles" but he ended up chewing the peel. That bothered me so I removed it and helped him to hold the slippery stuff. He definitely bit off, chewed and swallowed at least three mouthfuls. So will be looking out for "banana nappies" (worm-like threads) tomorrow.

Not bad given that he only had about 5 minutes to do it in - Phoebe has a 2pm swimming lesson every day this week so lunchtime is very rushed. But her father is taking her tomorrow, so I'll be able to focus on Rafs properly. It's very hard to supervise him closely (still no strap so he's on my lap for his meal) with a 3 year old tugging on my arm demanding attention.

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