Thursday, 10 July 2008


Hi everyone,

I’m Sarah, and as I’m about to start BLW I’ll be blogging the process on this wonderful website.

I had better start with a formal introduction. I live in SW London with my husband, my daughter Phoebe (born 23rd Feb 05), my son Rafael (born 3rd Feb 08) and three cute but demanding cats. In my pre-children life I was a medical researcher and then worked in healthcare marketing, but now I’m an almost full-time mother and a very part-time student (antenatal teaching for the NCT).

With Phoebe, I dutifully brought out the baby rice at 6 months, but she wasn’t having any of it. I don’t blame her; it’s revolting! So we moved on to a mix of purees and real food (primarily rice cakes and watermelon at first). She wasn’t impressed with any of it. From about 9 months she did start to be a little more interested, but only in finger foods, so I abandoned the spoon until she was old enough to sort-of manage it herself. She continued to live on fresh air (¼ slice of toast was a big meal) until she turned 2, and now, although she remains incredibly fussy, she does eat just about enough to keep a mouse alive! She seems to be thriving on her limited diet, and I give her an iron supplement (Minadex) stirred into her bedtime milk as insurance. It is terribly frustrating much of the time though. I love to cook, and she loves to help me, but of course she won’t touch most of the fruits of our labour.

I’m optimistic that Rafs will be an eater. He is 5 months and 1 week old today, and it’s getting harder and harder to stop him stealing my own food. He lunges for my plate making his little snorting noises, doing a great impression of a ravenous zombie from a Romero film! He did manage to chomp on a bit of banana a few days ago when I was distracted with Phoebe and screamed blue murder when I took it away. He has also started sitting alone for about 15 seconds now and I expect he will be stable very soon now. But I’m adamant that he has to wait a little while longer because we are going on holiday next week. Breastfeeding is so much more convenient; why faff about with solid food when you can have a nice peaceful sit-down? Many people are keen to rush into weaning as early as 3 or 4 months, but I bet most of them are first-timers.

Anyway, we will be re-assembling the high chair and digging out the bibs as soon as we get back from Cornwall. He won’t quite be 6 months, but hey, he was 2 weeks late in arriving so *technically* he’s old enough, right? The great thing about BLW of course is that he won't be able to get things in his mouth and/or swallow any if he's not ready after all, but he will still be learning about food and mealtimes. We shall see what happens.

Will update you when we get back.



Kat said...

Hi Sarah,

Great first post. So glad you are joining the blog and really looking forward to hearing about your BLW journey.

Kat x

Mel_x said...

Welcome to the blog Sarah - great intro.

Looking forward to hearing all about your BLW experiences.


Steph said...

My little one is 4 1/2 months and we have made the decision to do BLW. We are thrilled at the thought! I can't wait to start, but I am beyond nervous at the same time! I have been reading all the blogs from the begining (2006) and am getting ALOT of information! This will be a blog I plan on visiting very often. Only a few more months to go before we start. Oh I am also from the US, but I know from the facebook group, that a "chip" is like a "french frie" not a round "potato chip" ;)


Becoming Mommy said...

Great post!
Rafs sounds like my Sasha (he was just shy of 3 weeks late). 5 months and I had to start food. But mostly he wasn't a fan of babyfood and would steal things like tomatos, avocados, rissoto and other extremely mushy fingerfoods.
I finally went full on BLW when feeding him became a battle we both dreaded.
And he's a good eater now. We went to a fancy restaurant in Monterey Bay and he ate an ADULT sized fish/veggie/mashed potato dinner and 3 glasses of milk.