Sunday, 20 July 2008

And we're back

From a week in not-so-sunny Cornwall. Stayed at a lovely farm ( for the third year in a row. Alas, collecting eggs every morning didn't make Phoebe any more inclined to actually eat one. She did enjoy herself though, and was even brave enough to bottle-feed the lambs. Lucy, the hostess, was very helpful as always with Phoebe's fussy eating and happily made her plain pasta, "butter sandwiches" and suchlike whilst the other young guests were tucking in to delicious nursery teas. Finding lunch places was typically challenging - I swear she will turn into a fish finger one of these days, as there is rarely anything else that she deems acceptable.

We felt very sorry for poor Rafael. He has started avidly watching every morsel of food we eat and looking pathetically desperate. On Friday we gave in and let him have a few rice grain-sized tastes of boiled potato. Couldn't give him the whole thing to hold for himself as it wasn't soft enough. The response was amazing! I was expecting him to push it out right away and cry, just like Phoebe did for months and months, but no. He seems to have lost the tongue thrust reflex already (age 5 months and 2 weeks) and chewed away with great enthusiasm. Definitely wanted more but we want to do it "properly" at home.

So today, in between loads of laundry, we dug out the high chair from the depths of his wardrobe and assembled it. Well, most of it. It's a Stokke Tripp Trapp; a beautiful wooden chair that in theory can be used for older children and adults too. Phoebe rejected it in favour of a grown-up chair, but it was great when she was small. It doesn't have a tray; this was key for us as we want the babies to be part of normal mealtimes and not separately seated. However, we cannot find the leather strap that goes between the legs. We suspect we noticed it was getting manky and thrown it out, assuming that she would still be using the chair so we would have to buy a second one anyway. Oh well, there are plenty going cheap on eBay so I should be able to get one by next weekend. I plan to start him on banana but won't have any till the organic fruit and veg box comes on Thursday, so they probably won't be ripe till the weekend anyway.

Thank you for the comments. I haven't blogged before so it's strange to think about having an audience. I do hope this will be helpful.

Best wishes,


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Mel_x said...

Welcome back Sarah,

I am looking forward to hearing more about Rafael's BLW adventures, and it looks like he is raring to go!

Hope you find the strap for the tripp trap - we have the german equivalent, and I LOVE it! Well, except the cleaning of it!! lol

Mel x