Thursday, 31 July 2008


If there's somebody out there pushing up the price of Tripp Trapp baby sets on eBay, please stop it!

Tried steamed carrot today. He took one bite, spat it out, and wouldn't try any more. Clearly he has a sweeter tooth! Phoebe and her visiting 4-year old friend polished off the spare "chips" so it wasn't wasted.

Butternut squash puree went down well again though; he self-fed 5 spoonfuls before getting bored and deciding to chew his mat instead.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Potato and squash

Well, the banana definitely went in, as he had lovely wormy bits in his nappy this morning. Good to see!

Am out of bananas so had planned plums for today. They turned out to be way too squishy and juicy, so instead I microwaved a jacket potato and cut the inside into the required "chip-shapes". It was still too hard for him to pick up though, and crumbled in his hands. He did get some in, but it proved to be rather gag-inducing. That stresses me, especially as he has a blocked up nose from a cold. So I gave up on that after a while and moved on to (purists look away now) a spoon!

I happen to have some pureed butternut squash in my freezer. I overcooked some a few weeks ago so thought I might as well whizz it up and make ice-cubes. So as we weren't getting anywhere and I had wanted to offer a new flavour today, I zapped a cube for him. Don't panic, I didn't feed it to him myself! Gave him a loaded spoon to play with, and this made him very happy indeed. Much easier to hold, and he surprised me by putting it straight into the right place, rather than in his hair or up his nose. I think he consumed about half the cube overall. Which is more squash than Phoebe has ever eaten in her life, so that made me very happy indeed too. I shall buy another one and roast some for him soon.

So, new plan is to continue in this way, offering both finger foods and control of his own spoon. That's pretty much what I did last time and even though she's so fussy about flavour, she has never had an issue with textures so it worked well in that respect. Until she went on her spoon strike from about 10 months...

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Phoebe pics

Haven't managed to upload any Rafi pics yet so thought i would experiment with some old ones. Hopefully, you can see Phoebe age 6 months, decorating herself with mashed avocado and carrot. I can't find any where she's eating proper food, oddly, so have also tried to put one age 12 months, begging for more breadsticks.
Hope this works!

More banana

More successful today. He clearly remembered liking it yesterday, and as soon as I had the mat/food set up he started making the enthusiastic puppy-like panting noises he does when he's about to get a much-wanted breastfeed.

I tried leaving some peel on as "handles" but he ended up chewing the peel. That bothered me so I removed it and helped him to hold the slippery stuff. He definitely bit off, chewed and swallowed at least three mouthfuls. So will be looking out for "banana nappies" (worm-like threads) tomorrow.

Not bad given that he only had about 5 minutes to do it in - Phoebe has a 2pm swimming lesson every day this week so lunchtime is very rushed. But her father is taking her tomorrow, so I'll be able to focus on Rafs properly. It's very hard to supervise him closely (still no strap so he's on my lap for his meal) with a 3 year old tugging on my arm demanding attention.

Monday, 28 July 2008


I've just been browsing the archives a bit more thoroughly. Rafs was having his usual "snack and snooze" session while DH put Phoebe to bed - she sleeps about as well as she eats so 9pm-ish is when she usually conks out.

Anyway, I'm stunned by George! By 8 months he was eating more, both quantity and variety, that Phoebe does age 3.5. She has never, to my knowledge, eaten eggs, cheese, pizza, butternut squash, sweet potato, blackberries... She will however eat an entire mango in one sitting so at least they have that in common. We made broad bean soup today and she was very keen to try it, but the first spoonful was spat everywhere in horror.

Please please please let Rafael be an eater. I guess time will tell. On reflection, I need to give him things that are less slippery than bananas. At his age Phoebe had almost perfected her pincer grip but he has trouble even using his whole hand. Frustrated with him, she keeps picking things up for him and trying to stuff them in his mouth. Sweet but not actually remotely helpful! Especially when she tried to share her ice-lolly (homemade, just frozen apple and cranberry juice) this afternoon...


Too slippery, but mush sucked off my fingers was a hit. Same again tomorrow I think. Then maybe plums.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Here we go

Had lunch in the garden yesterday. Sat Rafs in his father's lap and offered him potato and rather mushy watermelon. He was more interested in trying to eat his mat, but did bite off then spit out a bit of potato.

Sama again today, but inside, using his still strapless chair. He did disappear under the table at one point but harness plus quick reactions saved the day. I won't use it tomorrow when I'm the sole adult and Phoebe is distracting me. Anyway, he had fun making a mess but none of it went anywhere near his mouth. He had just had a lengthy breastfeed (as it's very hot today) so maybe that was why. Oh well, all good practice. Banana tomorrow I think.

Friday, 25 July 2008

Nearly there

Still no high chair strap, as I was too mean to pay over £13 for one on eBay. Will keep working on it though.

Got my latest organic box yesterday (we get the Family Box from and as well as the usual bananas there was a lovely watermelon, so we will be starting with that tomorrow. Phoebe, who doesn't even like watermelon, has been begging us to open it. Have also done some roast potatoes tonight, and we already know he likes boiled ones. So fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Only a week or so off 6 months, so that's not bad. I did privately celebrate his expected due date a few days ago (21st) and have some pink fizz (Camel Valley, bought in Cornwall) ready in the fridge to celebrate on 3rd August. 6 months feels like quite a significant milestone.

In other news, Phoebe pestered me endlessly today till I gave in and helped her make a banana milkshake that she saw on Big Cook Little Cook (a CBeebies programme that she loves). Dead easy, just blending a banana, a cup of milk and a tablespoon of yoghurt. One slurp through a straw and of course, "I don't liiiiiike it." Me neither, I hate milk. Luckily her father, who was working at home today, heroically drank the lot.

More tomorrow, and maybe a pic if I can figure out how.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

And we're back

From a week in not-so-sunny Cornwall. Stayed at a lovely farm ( for the third year in a row. Alas, collecting eggs every morning didn't make Phoebe any more inclined to actually eat one. She did enjoy herself though, and was even brave enough to bottle-feed the lambs. Lucy, the hostess, was very helpful as always with Phoebe's fussy eating and happily made her plain pasta, "butter sandwiches" and suchlike whilst the other young guests were tucking in to delicious nursery teas. Finding lunch places was typically challenging - I swear she will turn into a fish finger one of these days, as there is rarely anything else that she deems acceptable.

We felt very sorry for poor Rafael. He has started avidly watching every morsel of food we eat and looking pathetically desperate. On Friday we gave in and let him have a few rice grain-sized tastes of boiled potato. Couldn't give him the whole thing to hold for himself as it wasn't soft enough. The response was amazing! I was expecting him to push it out right away and cry, just like Phoebe did for months and months, but no. He seems to have lost the tongue thrust reflex already (age 5 months and 2 weeks) and chewed away with great enthusiasm. Definitely wanted more but we want to do it "properly" at home.

So today, in between loads of laundry, we dug out the high chair from the depths of his wardrobe and assembled it. Well, most of it. It's a Stokke Tripp Trapp; a beautiful wooden chair that in theory can be used for older children and adults too. Phoebe rejected it in favour of a grown-up chair, but it was great when she was small. It doesn't have a tray; this was key for us as we want the babies to be part of normal mealtimes and not separately seated. However, we cannot find the leather strap that goes between the legs. We suspect we noticed it was getting manky and thrown it out, assuming that she would still be using the chair so we would have to buy a second one anyway. Oh well, there are plenty going cheap on eBay so I should be able to get one by next weekend. I plan to start him on banana but won't have any till the organic fruit and veg box comes on Thursday, so they probably won't be ripe till the weekend anyway.

Thank you for the comments. I haven't blogged before so it's strange to think about having an audience. I do hope this will be helpful.

Best wishes,


Thursday, 10 July 2008


Hi everyone,

I’m Sarah, and as I’m about to start BLW I’ll be blogging the process on this wonderful website.

I had better start with a formal introduction. I live in SW London with my husband, my daughter Phoebe (born 23rd Feb 05), my son Rafael (born 3rd Feb 08) and three cute but demanding cats. In my pre-children life I was a medical researcher and then worked in healthcare marketing, but now I’m an almost full-time mother and a very part-time student (antenatal teaching for the NCT).

With Phoebe, I dutifully brought out the baby rice at 6 months, but she wasn’t having any of it. I don’t blame her; it’s revolting! So we moved on to a mix of purees and real food (primarily rice cakes and watermelon at first). She wasn’t impressed with any of it. From about 9 months she did start to be a little more interested, but only in finger foods, so I abandoned the spoon until she was old enough to sort-of manage it herself. She continued to live on fresh air (¼ slice of toast was a big meal) until she turned 2, and now, although she remains incredibly fussy, she does eat just about enough to keep a mouse alive! She seems to be thriving on her limited diet, and I give her an iron supplement (Minadex) stirred into her bedtime milk as insurance. It is terribly frustrating much of the time though. I love to cook, and she loves to help me, but of course she won’t touch most of the fruits of our labour.

I’m optimistic that Rafs will be an eater. He is 5 months and 1 week old today, and it’s getting harder and harder to stop him stealing my own food. He lunges for my plate making his little snorting noises, doing a great impression of a ravenous zombie from a Romero film! He did manage to chomp on a bit of banana a few days ago when I was distracted with Phoebe and screamed blue murder when I took it away. He has also started sitting alone for about 15 seconds now and I expect he will be stable very soon now. But I’m adamant that he has to wait a little while longer because we are going on holiday next week. Breastfeeding is so much more convenient; why faff about with solid food when you can have a nice peaceful sit-down? Many people are keen to rush into weaning as early as 3 or 4 months, but I bet most of them are first-timers.

Anyway, we will be re-assembling the high chair and digging out the bibs as soon as we get back from Cornwall. He won’t quite be 6 months, but hey, he was 2 weeks late in arriving so *technically* he’s old enough, right? The great thing about BLW of course is that he won't be able to get things in his mouth and/or swallow any if he's not ready after all, but he will still be learning about food and mealtimes. We shall see what happens.

Will update you when we get back.


Friday, 4 July 2008

Update & Fame at Last!

Well Hello lovely readers,

Mel here for a mini update on us! Bur first, check out the new link to the Rapley Weaning site - where our own lovely blog gets a mention! Woo Hoo!

Well, believe it or not, my beautiful little George is now 2. OMG how did that happen. You would never believe that he is the same little boy about whom I had all the weight concerns. He is chattering away, and is a little minor bird, so we have to be careful what we say around him.

The last time he was weighed he was back up to the 75th centile, so never think that BLW is a poor substitute to puree for a little baby! we are proof that it works well.

Finally, if someone is just starting out on their BLW journey and would like to contribute to the blog along with Kat & I please let me know.


Mel x