Tuesday, 10 June 2008

BLW picnics and teething.

The sun is back (again) and we have been camping out in the garden. We're trying not to rely too heavily on sanwiches but they are so easy! Of course this means I'm trying to get my lazy brain working on alternatives. Millie recently tried some of our fajita filling so maybe I can work on some baby friendly version of this.

After spending most of her first year toothless Millie has been adding to her collection with gusto. We have had some fraught moments when they are bothering her. Melon seems to be a teething friendly food. It comes nice an cool from the fridge and she uses the rind as a teether once she's eaten the flesh. Tidy.

Happy Days,

Kat x

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caramama said...

Sounds like fun times in the garden. Sorry about the teething.

The Pumpkin likes very little during the worst of her teething... mainly yogurt and applesauce. I hope Millie's teething pains pass quickly.