Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Quick Hello

Hello folks! Just wanted to let you know what was happening. I'm a busy bee at the moment, I'm doing a couple of evening classes and setting up my own business. Also, I've started contributing over at Bambino Goodies so I've been a little tied up. I have got a few recipes up my sleeve so please forgive my absence over the last week and I will get them up ASAP along with some other treats.

We are still looking for someone who is starting out BLW with their baby who would like to share their experiences here. Have a look at this post for more details.

For those of you who love free stuff (who doesn't) come on over to Bambino Goodies where we're in the middle of a month long givaway extravaganza!

Happy Days,

Kat x


NML said...

OK! I was very confused for a moment and my imagination ran wild with questions about a secret son till I realised that he is your friends son! I think I watch too many soaps....

Kat said...

You are so funny. George is not mine, he belongs to the lovely Mel!

Mar said...


We have just started BLW this past week. My lo is allergic to something but we have not been able to figure out what, so our BLW has to be a little different (no raw foods until 9 mos, stricter schedule of food introduction, etc) but it might be helpful to other moms in a similar situation.