Saturday, 31 May 2008

Six Months of Munching.

Wow, a whole six months have passed since I joined this blog and began BLW with Millie. The time has gone by so quickly! I just read my first post back in November. I had forgotten how daunting it felt to begin, how worried we were about her weight, how sad I felt about giving her formula (lasted about two weeks!) and how haphazard my approach was. Millie has gone from strength to strength, overcome the weight issues and grown up into a....toddler. It's her birthday next week and as other babies are learning to self feed she is confidently eating from a spoon and drinking from an open cup.

For your amusement, here is a (not quite) alphabetical list of what she has eaten so far...

Avocado, aubergine, apple, asparagus, alfalfa sprouts, amaranth grain, artichokes, aduki beans, apricots, arame, banana, broad beans, butternut squash, butter beans, Brussels sprouts, bread, blackberries, blueberries, broccoli, basil, beetroot, beef, blackcurrants, cabbage, courgette, cucumber, cauliflower, chilli, chickpeas, coriander, carrots, cinnamon, coconut, cavolo nero, celeriac, celery, cod, chicken, daal, egg, fennel, figs, grapes, garlic, ginger, haricot beans, kale, kohl rabi, kidney beans, leeks, lettuce, lemon, lime, lentils, linseed, mushrooms, mint, mango, mustard, melons, mussels, millet, mustard seeds, parsnips, parsley, pear, peas, polenta, peppers, plums, potato, pumpkin, pop corn, papaya, pinto beans, prawns, poppy seeds, onion, olives, oats, olive oil, quinoa, raspberries, raisins, rosemary, rice, shallots, sweetcorn, spinach, spring onions, strawberries, swede, swiss chard, satsuma, sweet potato, squid, salmon, sesame seeds, turnip, trout, vanilla, watercress, watermelon, wakame, water chestnuts, yoghurt and no doubt plenty more!

Happy Days,

Kat x

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Quick Hello

Hello folks! Just wanted to let you know what was happening. I'm a busy bee at the moment, I'm doing a couple of evening classes and setting up my own business. Also, I've started contributing over at Bambino Goodies so I've been a little tied up. I have got a few recipes up my sleeve so please forgive my absence over the last week and I will get them up ASAP along with some other treats.

We are still looking for someone who is starting out BLW with their baby who would like to share their experiences here. Have a look at this post for more details.

For those of you who love free stuff (who doesn't) come on over to Bambino Goodies where we're in the middle of a month long givaway extravaganza!

Happy Days,

Kat x

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Reviewed: What should I feed my baby?

I have got lots of cook books some I love and others leave me uninspired. Of course having a baby opens up a whole new genre (be still my heart) but are the reams of baby cook books worth the money? And, as a BLW family, are they any use?


This book is written my nutritionist (and mother) Suzannah Olivier. The larger portion of it is given over to guiding you through the nutritional mine field of what your child needs and why. There are recipes from 4 months to 2 years.

What I liked:
  • I like the accessibility of this book. I started reading it on a long car journey and flicked through reading the odd page here and there. As the sections are succinct you can dip in and out of it like this, reading only the part which interests you at that point in time.
  • The information is level headed and easy to understand. Having read a few books about nutrition when at uni I know they can be a little cumbersome but this is written in plain English.
  • There aren't any areas left unexplored, IMO. The book covers introduction of foods, allergies, vitamins and minerals, food hygiene, what your baby does NOT need, food labels to name but a few.
  • The recipes are yummy! There are even suggestions for birthday menus.
  • It is well illustrated, I'm a sucker for a monkey.

What I didn't like:
  • Well, not much really. Would have prefered more recipes but then I always feel like that!

What about the recipes?
  • Yes, there are puree recipes (use them as sandwich fillings) but these are only a small proportion of the sum total.
  • The recipes are sorted into age ranges and at the beginning of each section it tells you which foods are safe to introduce (the kind of thing I love).
  • I have tried a few and found them all to be easy to follow and a hit with Missy Moo, which is the main thing.
Worth the money?
  • Absolutely yes! I will be recommending it whole heartedly to my friends.

Happy Days,

Kat x

Saturday, 10 May 2008


Millie had her first birthday party today. I know she's not one yet but as it was a joint party it was a little early. In BLW news: They. Ate. Cake. Well, my version of it :0)

Friday, 9 May 2008

Starting BLW.

It feels like forever since we started out on our BLW journey, nearly six months. Looking at Millie now, roaming around and chatting to her new dolls, I can scarcely believe how far we've come. Of course if you're new to the blog chances are you are starting out and my ramblings about picnics and birthday cakes aren't what you're looking for. You can go back through the archives, Mel began this blog in 2006 and I joined last November. We've charted our babies' journeys into weaning, the foods we tried and how it all went down (or ended up on the floor). This is post number 400 according to the stats - woo hoo! We're working on a few bits and bobs together and will make things a little easier to navigate eventually. Until then, here are some ideas for getting started.

What food to choose?
BLW means pretty much any food is on offer. That said, here is a (not exhaustive) list of fruit and veg which seems to be popular with the BLW babies I know.
Root Veg: parsnips, sweet potatoes, beetroot, carrots, swede, celeriac.
Other Veg: Broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, butternut squash, beans, peas, asparagus.
Fruit: bananas, pears, apples, melon, mango, grapes (cut up).

How to prepare it?
Cut the veg or fruit into 'chip' shaped sticks, about twice the length of your babies hand span. My preferred method of preparation is steaming (I find a bamboo steamer very useful). I am rubbish at judging the time so check every five minutes or so until it feels soft enough to squish with the tongue. You can also roast or dry fry depending on what it is you're preparing. If you have a teething babe, melon from the fridge is very soothing.

What to expect?

Not a lot! Keep offering a range of foods, expect that plenty will go on the floor and stay calm. It will change and they will get the hang of it. At first Millie ate half of each stick and dropped the other as she didn't know how to get it ut of her hand. Very quickly her fine motor skills developed to manipulate foods and she became more sucessful. From the beginning she was quite accurate with a spoon although we often need three or four to get through a meal!

The gag reflex will seem alarming at first - do some reading about what it is and what you should do, I am not qualified to advise. This stage passes quite quickly!

What next?
Well, that's up to you! Every food is a possibility. Millie was eating curries and spiced food within a month of starting. So long as what you prepare is low on salt and appropriate for their age - why not?

Are you starting out? Would you like to write about your experiences? Get in touch as we're looking for the next baby blogger to take this forward.

Happy Days,

Kat x

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Promises, promises...

Oh I make so many promises to you and rarely deliver. Am I, dare I say, a flake? The recipes and book reviews are coming, I promise :0) I have been working on a few other bits and bobs (and hanging out in the garden).

I took Millie to be weighed today and she has crossed another centile the right direction! Hurrah, she is finally gaining weight in a steady and healthy way. I was talking to another mum in the waiting room who was a bit worried about how little her baby was eating. Well, until we worked out the portion size from the recipe was 5 times the amount WHO recommend for a day! She said she felt a little more relaxed about the amount that went on the floor. It takes conversations like this to remind me of the early days of weaning, with an eleven month old who is confident and capable at the table I find it hard to remember. I have been exchanging emails with another Mama (If you're reading Sonia, I'm half way through a reply!) who is starting BLW with her daughter. I love hearing how well she is doing and how happy they both are, it reaffirms my belief that BLW is a lovely and gentle way to bring in solids. Sorry, lots of rambling tonight!

Here's to everyone starting out, enjoying the sun and to everyone who is a little older today. Cheers all round!

Happy Days,

Kat x

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Egg Fried Rice.

I realised that although we had given Millie egg yolk we had not progressed to whole egg. As the more canny of you will have guessed, we gave her egg fried rice :0) Not from the take-away, I hasten to add, but egged and fried by my own fair wok. I haven't written a recipe for you as Ken Hom's is the best I've found, I just left out the salt and groundnut oil. She absolutely loved it and especially enjoyed rice balls. She had it with a simple vegetable and chicken stir fry which I will post for you in the near future.

Happy Days,

Kat x