Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Let them eat cake?

I had a few friends and their babies over yesterday. Naturally I made a cake for the mamas, nothing fancy just a victoria sponge. I was totally shocked that they all let their babies have some cake. Is it just me that thinks this is weird or should we let them eat cake?

Happy Days,

Kat x


caramama said...

I don't give mine cake, but I know others who do. For my little one's birthday, I made low-sugar cupcakes for her and the other toddlers. I figure mine has enough energy as it is--I can't imagine how I'd keep up if she had a lot of sugar!

mumlollipop said...

I let Jacob have cake now and then. For example today I baked a coconut cake and when we were having some he had a small piece.

I used to think I wouldn't like him to have any sugary foods etc and as a rule he doesn't, but he is so keen to try what we try and I don't think a little bit hurts, so long as it's not all the time.

I have come to realise that sugar isn't the enemy, sweeteners which are in low/no sugar stuff scare me more than anything.

I can understand not wanting to give our children cake but I also can't see the harm in occasional treats if they have a healthy balanced diet.

Looking forward to the beany pie recipe!
Laura xx

Kat said...

Mmm, two good points. What does everyone else think?

Becoming Mommy said...

To me, it's weird. I don't beleive in giving babies non-nutrative foods.

And cake, well that's junkfood.

You have such a short time where you have total control over what they eat. And that's the time they grow and develop the most. Why waste stomach room on somthing not entirely helpful to them?