Friday, 11 April 2008

Hurrah for Beany Pie.

My testers Millie and Zachary are very happy with the beany pie and so it is now available on the recipe site. I hope you all enjoy it as much as they have. You will probably notice that it has both beans and millet, this is because I am trying to give a good protein source to Millie in every meal. My efforts are paying off as she has gained some weight and is looking much more healthy than she was a couple of weeks ago. She has been very busy this week and seems to be getting over her clingy phase and feeling more comfortable in groups. Hopefully this is the shape of things to come...

Happy Days,

Kat x


Becoming Mommy said...

How do you get your kids to eat beans? Sasha acts like I'm feeding him drain cleaner.

Kat said...

That's hilarious! I guess it's a case of making them appealing as they are a bit grim on their own. Millie won't touch plain butter beans but wolfs them down when I use them in a spread. I'll put up another bean recipe for you soon and see if he likes them better. Kat x