Tuesday, 8 April 2008

BLW and Tomato Allergy.

I have mentioned before that I am allergic to tomatoes. I have no idea whether Millie is / will be but as I can't prepare them or even have them in the house I won't be finding out any time soon.

When people find out I have an allergy to tomatoes they always say something along the lines of 'But what do you eat?!' as if there are no other foods in the world! Well I do just fine in avoiding them most of the time. It can be a pain as so many recipes have tomatoes or tomato sauces so I have come up with substitutes. My favourite is no-mato sauce which has taken me years to perfect (to the point of changing the recipe about a month ago) but is brilliant in stews or bakes which want tinned tomatoes etc. I am posting the recipe here for you as I will use it as an ingredient in the beany pie (the final version of which is waiting to go in the oven for tasting tomorrow). You may wish to change it to suit you. I use the pre-roasted red peppers from a jar as fresh peppers can become bitter but I would check what preservatives have been used before you use them for babies.

Happy Days,

Kat x

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