Monday, 17 March 2008

Whistling Toddler!!

Okay...another theory to test!

George has today started whilstlin properly...previously whn he tried he just "breathed" through pursed lips! (lol)

I wondered when anyone else's lo's had started, and if this could be put down to good oral control courtesy of BLW??

Any thoughts or ideas??


Mel x

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Heidi said...

C does not whistle (yet) but then, we don't whistle much around him so I'm not even sure he knows that there IS such a thing!

All I do know is that he eats like a pro, so clearly the BLW works ;) Sadly, now that he can talk and open the fridge, we are constantly at risk of being presented with a "goggit" (yogurt) to open up for him ;)

That's when he's not demanding "gango!" (mango).