Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Anyone stating out who wants to contribute to the blog?

Hi Ladies,

as you might have noticed Kat is around less and less these days - and she has said she is going to get more busy rather than less.

After the time that we have both put into the blog I would hate to see if falter, but as George is soon to be 2 his experiences are hardly relevant to newbies any more! As such I cannot really add much to the blog.

Are you starting out, or do you know anyone who is who might like to contribute to this blog? If so, please reply and we can have a chat.


Mel x


Jo said...

Hi Mel, I've just started BLW my George but we already have a blog, if that's any help at all??? said...

I am struggling to start out... but the babe is mostly not interested in eating, he likes the idea of playing with food.... but we are not making much progress of worth

Vic said...

hi, my little one is now 5 months old. I plan to start with the BLW in the next month. She already sits at the table with us every meal time and tries to steal food of my plate whenever possible, (only to throw it as far as she can). She also watches us eat and seems to mimic our chewing so i think she is nearly ready to start herself, So hopefully i would be able to contribute to this blog in a few weeks when we start the BLW.

organicmumma said...


My 6 month old has just begun BLW these past few days after a few weeks of puree. I'm very keen to do a blog, already keeping record for myself in a diary and have photos... Of course, she is still at the stage of undigested carrots in the nappies, but would love to blog it all, and especially love to contribute to raising awareness and support of BLW!

** Trust your baby all the way **