Friday, 1 February 2008

Recipes Online.

Apologies for the absence!

There has been lots of talk of where to find recipes in the forums of late. Everyone knows about the recipe section on Aitch's BLW site which has loads of brilliant recipes from lots of different Mamas. There are some other good websites out there though...

The blog babyledweaning-jj has a really imaginative recipe page which includes a recipe for sweet potato and kidney bean burgers which I just have to try! The Hannah Led Weaning recipe section only has a few offerings but they are certainly worth a go and best of all are vegetarian. Messy Monkey has a list of meals eaten but no recipes. Still worth the look as they are dairy and egg free and provide inspiration for creation of your own versions. There are a few at Monster which are categorised as recipes of sorts. This post at Motherland has meals with BL adaptations so are suitable for the whole family. Of course the best BLW recipes online are here :0)

There are some good books out there which I wrote about here. But let's not forget that BLW gives you the freedom to feed your child most un-processed food so long as the ingedients won't harm them.

I will give you a full round up of recent goings on in the next few days. I'm working on my childminding registration stuff at the moment so a little busier than usual...

Happy Days,

Kat x

PS - two new BLW blogs: Tigerpiddler and Feeding Boo.

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