Friday, 29 February 2008

BLW Espanol stylee.

Woo-hoo, we survived! Very glad to be back in the UK although my feet are a little cold.

Buying food in Spain: if you're not too fussed about organic food then there is a wealth of lovely produce at the markets and supermarkets. Organic is a little more tricky but we managed to turn up enough variety for the week. HiperCor in El Corte Ingles is the best source but woefully inadequate compared to the UK. We heard rumours of a chap called Organic Mick but never made contact.

Eating out in Spain: a total joy! The Spanish love babies and welcome them into restaurants so you will be guaranteed a stress-free experience. Be prepared for a lot of attention - Millie has been passed around so many people that I wonder she recognised us when she came back. High-chairs aren't always available or suitable for babies under 12 months so if you can take one out with you I'd recommend it. Sadly smoking is still allowed in establishments under 100 square feet (I think that's the rule) and not all who should enforce the ban. Most restaurants are willing to make a special baby friendly dish in my experience.

Sadly there was not much time for creation so no new recipes just yet but give me a few days...

Happy Days,

Kat x


caramama said...

Welcome back. Glad you had such a good time! Great to hear that the restaurants are so kid friendly.

Laura McIntyre said...

Welcome back

Kat said...

Thanks guys! Soooo glad to be home :0)