Friday, 11 January 2008

Pitta patter.

We have had a busy week after our lazy Monday. I feel glad to be busy again after the hibernation of Christmas and New Year.

Good news: I went to have Millie weighed after a month and she has put on a pound and come back up to her centile line. I feel very pleased about this and think I can finally put her weight issues out of our minds - hurrah! I have no doubt that leaving the scales behind us will be a good thing. The other big development is that she has decided to try crawling. I think one of her friends told her about it at swimming on Tuesday as on Wednesday morning she got up on her hands and knees as soon as she'd woken up. I was completely bewildered and left wondering who this grown up baby was. She has been practicing her skils ever since then and today even started to move one leg in front of the other!!

In food news not much has happened since the weekend. Millie has a new found love for brown pitta breads. I am very happy about this as pittas give lots of versitility to the menu. I will get around to posting a recipe for these soon.

One of my favourite blogs Motherland written by an ex-pat Wintonian living in Cambodia will have some recipes and posts about BLW. I'm really looking forward to hearing what Georgie has to say on the subject.

Happy Days,

Kat x


Laura McIntyre said...

Yah on the crawling

caramama said...

Yeah for the crawling! My Pumpkin loves pita bread, especially toasted and occassionally with some hummus.

Kat said...

Thanks guys! She pulled herself up yesterday - yikes!