Monday, 7 January 2008

Lazy Monday.

We've had a very chilled out day. Millie was absolutely potty over her breakfast this morning. I made a variation on her fruity porridge and mixed banana and mango with Plum Baby super porridge and milk. She bounced up and down in frustration at my slow spoon loading and looked miffed when it was all gone. In contrast, she hasn't been overly interested in her veg today. Yesterday I made some simple polenta. I had every intention of trying Mel's recipe but as ever time escaped me and so I reverted to one of my student favourites. I love polenta and it is great for the egg free baby as it can be used as you would use eggs in omlettes which is essentially what the mushroom and spinich polenta is. At first Millie was usure, I think the new textures faze her a little, after a while she was munching it and laughing.

If anyone is in Bristol on Sunday I'm going to a baby music event here (scroll down to Two Toms). Let me know if you want to meet up!

Happy Days,

Kat x


NML said...

Hi. Thanks for your comment over at my blog Bambino Goodies. I will be sure to keep any eye on the pricing and thanks for the tip off.

It was interesting to read about baby led weaning which I do a little of. My baby is highly suspicious of egg and refuses to eat or touch scrambled egg. It's definitely a texture issue!

Kat said...


Good to hear from you. is one of the most useful blogs I've seen!

I have a friend who has refused to eat egg since he was a baby!

Kat x