Wednesday, 16 January 2008

A little rant and some links.

I was reading the BLW posts on Motherland today. There are some quite long comments (including mine!) which shows it is a topic close to people's hearts. So often choices made about weaning seem to become a battle ground for differing family values. BLW is seen to be 'trendy' by those who either grew up in a different era, didn't do their research or both. Lots of things I do with Millie which to me seem sensible and natural get labelled as 'trendy' - for those who know me no doubt this will amuse as I am so far from fashionable.... :0) (I am also sick of being termed an 'earth mother' - this phrase only seems to be used in a derogatory way.) Why is it that people are so keen to do you down if you do things differently than expected? It is interesting to know that no research backs up the introduction of solids before six months or the use of pureed food. In fact, more research is being done now into this stage than has ever been done before. Here is and article which has been posted in a couple of BLW chatrooms.

I have wanted to say something off topic for a few weeks now but didn't know how. There aren't really words to express how this news makes me feel. It is not something easy to write about so I will just post a link here and let you read for yourselves. No matter how annoying I find being called a trendy earth mother, I am so grateful for every moment Millie and I have together.

I shall post a recipe I have been working on next time and endeavour to make that sooner rather than later!

Happy Days,

Kat x


caramama said...

I'm so sorry to read about those mothers. There are no words to express it.

As for being an earth mother, I've been calling myself a "hippie mom" and saying it proudly. I don't feel what I'm doing is "trendy" or "odd" but it does not seem to be mainstream (at least that people will admit). It just feels right to me, and I have research to back up pretty much everything.

Kat said...

It's so sad. It has really affected the local mama community.