Monday, 21 January 2008

Domestic Goddess.

I have been doing my best domestic goddess impression today. Not only did I clean and cook but I also managed some baking as well. I made a Banana Bread which I adapted from a vegan recipe I found in an old book to be baby friendly. I had thought it would take me several attempts to compensate for lack of sugar and gluten-free flour but happily I think I have created a good product. The judge, as always, is the lovely Millie who gobbled a whole slice in mere minutes so a success in my book.Of course one of the benefits of baking bread is that I get to give my old hovis tin an outing. Simple pleasures!

Millie continues to gain proficiency in her crawling and has mastered the art of tracking down danger, lol! She's also really into green veg at the moment and practically inhales brussels sprouts when she has them - I had to give her some from my own plate after she wolfed hers down yesterday.

Happy Days,

Kat x

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