Monday, 21 January 2008

Good Starter Site.

I've just seen this site which I'd not found before. I think it is a great quick reference guide and probably the most comprehensive I've read.

Happy Days,

Kat x

Domestic Goddess.

I have been doing my best domestic goddess impression today. Not only did I clean and cook but I also managed some baking as well. I made a Banana Bread which I adapted from a vegan recipe I found in an old book to be baby friendly. I had thought it would take me several attempts to compensate for lack of sugar and gluten-free flour but happily I think I have created a good product. The judge, as always, is the lovely Millie who gobbled a whole slice in mere minutes so a success in my book.Of course one of the benefits of baking bread is that I get to give my old hovis tin an outing. Simple pleasures!

Millie continues to gain proficiency in her crawling and has mastered the art of tracking down danger, lol! She's also really into green veg at the moment and practically inhales brussels sprouts when she has them - I had to give her some from my own plate after she wolfed hers down yesterday.

Happy Days,

Kat x

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Family Meal.

Two posts in one day (four if you count the recipes) that has to be a record for me! :0)

We just had a very pleasant Mild Sweet Potato and Chickpea Curry which Millie enjoyed exactly as we had it - perfect BLW moment. To silence my nutrition critics I added arame, an iron and calcium rich japanese sea vegetable. Sounds terrible but it's actually very nice and good in stir frys too.

She ate it both from the mat and slightly mashed inside some pitta fingers. I have *pureed* and *frozen in cubes* the remaining curry with the intention of using it as a spread for rice cakes and bread another day.

Happy Days,

Kat x

Yummy Lentils.

We have had a good week and have been branching out into new foods. I have been getting into my cook books and finding new and exciting delights for Millie to eat so expect some new recipes over the next week. One big success has been Lentil Sambhar and my spin off recipe, Lentil Spread. The lovely thing about this is that we both smelled of coconuts all day. :0)

Do you find people talk to you about nutrition a lot? I know they are all well meaning and that I am silly for feeling annoyed. I do feel a little annoyed though. Millie is breast-fed (we have knocked the formula feed on the head) and so I don't have any major concerns in this area. So many people think I should be giving her dairy for either iron or calcium (amoungst other things such as fat and new flavours). An article which has helped me to feel more confident is this one on Kellymom. They have lots of useful articles including one about calcium. So good to know that (funnily enough) breast milk is still the most important food for my baby. I will do a post on calcium and iron rich foods in the next couple of weeks.

After deciding she would crawl, Millie crawled over to me, grabbed my jumper and stood up. Left me speechless. To coin a phrase, they grow up so fast!

Happy Days,

Kat x

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

A little rant and some links.

I was reading the BLW posts on Motherland today. There are some quite long comments (including mine!) which shows it is a topic close to people's hearts. So often choices made about weaning seem to become a battle ground for differing family values. BLW is seen to be 'trendy' by those who either grew up in a different era, didn't do their research or both. Lots of things I do with Millie which to me seem sensible and natural get labelled as 'trendy' - for those who know me no doubt this will amuse as I am so far from fashionable.... :0) (I am also sick of being termed an 'earth mother' - this phrase only seems to be used in a derogatory way.) Why is it that people are so keen to do you down if you do things differently than expected? It is interesting to know that no research backs up the introduction of solids before six months or the use of pureed food. In fact, more research is being done now into this stage than has ever been done before. Here is and article which has been posted in a couple of BLW chatrooms.

I have wanted to say something off topic for a few weeks now but didn't know how. There aren't really words to express how this news makes me feel. It is not something easy to write about so I will just post a link here and let you read for yourselves. No matter how annoying I find being called a trendy earth mother, I am so grateful for every moment Millie and I have together.

I shall post a recipe I have been working on next time and endeavour to make that sooner rather than later!

Happy Days,

Kat x

Friday, 11 January 2008

Pitta patter.

We have had a busy week after our lazy Monday. I feel glad to be busy again after the hibernation of Christmas and New Year.

Good news: I went to have Millie weighed after a month and she has put on a pound and come back up to her centile line. I feel very pleased about this and think I can finally put her weight issues out of our minds - hurrah! I have no doubt that leaving the scales behind us will be a good thing. The other big development is that she has decided to try crawling. I think one of her friends told her about it at swimming on Tuesday as on Wednesday morning she got up on her hands and knees as soon as she'd woken up. I was completely bewildered and left wondering who this grown up baby was. She has been practicing her skils ever since then and today even started to move one leg in front of the other!!

In food news not much has happened since the weekend. Millie has a new found love for brown pitta breads. I am very happy about this as pittas give lots of versitility to the menu. I will get around to posting a recipe for these soon.

One of my favourite blogs Motherland written by an ex-pat Wintonian living in Cambodia will have some recipes and posts about BLW. I'm really looking forward to hearing what Georgie has to say on the subject.

Happy Days,

Kat x

Monday, 7 January 2008

Lazy Monday.

We've had a very chilled out day. Millie was absolutely potty over her breakfast this morning. I made a variation on her fruity porridge and mixed banana and mango with Plum Baby super porridge and milk. She bounced up and down in frustration at my slow spoon loading and looked miffed when it was all gone. In contrast, she hasn't been overly interested in her veg today. Yesterday I made some simple polenta. I had every intention of trying Mel's recipe but as ever time escaped me and so I reverted to one of my student favourites. I love polenta and it is great for the egg free baby as it can be used as you would use eggs in omlettes which is essentially what the mushroom and spinich polenta is. At first Millie was usure, I think the new textures faze her a little, after a while she was munching it and laughing.

If anyone is in Bristol on Sunday I'm going to a baby music event here (scroll down to Two Toms). Let me know if you want to meet up!

Happy Days,

Kat x

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Falafels Finally.

I feel like I have well and truly been bending your ear with my falafel obsession. Well, this is probably the last time I'll mention them for a while as we have finally gotten around to making and eating them. Here is the recipe: Cafe Kino Falafels. They are very easy to make and super tasty - DH enjoyed ours stuffed into pitta with hummus and rocket. What did Millie think? She wasn't keen on the fried versions as they were too crispy. She gave a luke warm reception to the oven baked ones. This is not unusual with food that isn't straight forward (fruit and veg) so I'll make them a few times over the next couple of weeks and see what happens.

I had intended to try my hand at some gluten free breads this weekend although I haven't gotten around to it as yet. I've been baking gluten free food since I was a child as my mother is coeliac. Although Millie will eat food with gluten in it, she will have a variety of cereals in her diet to minimise the risk of intolerance in later life. I might try a flat bread as this will go well with falafels (or is the plural falafel?) and make the recipe section very neat. Or I might go for some corn bread and try out Mel's adaptation of JM's Spinach and Mushroom Polenta at the same time.

Finding foods which work early on isn't as easy as I initially thought. Especially as Millie is currently a vegan baby. Do you have some recipes which you think we would like? Send them to me and I'll post them on the recipe page associated with this blog. I mentioned a couple of books yesterday, another great resource is Aitch's website. I imagine, like me, you all found it the first time you googled BLW and there is a link on this page to follow if you haven't had the pleasure as yet.

Hope you are all well, leave us a comment to let us know how you are getting on.

Happy Days,

Kat x

Friday, 4 January 2008


I've had a busy afternoon putting my recipes onto the recipe page for this blog. Ok, it was only three recipes so 'busy' is probably stretching it a little. From now on I shall post any recipes directly there and link to them like so: vegetable risotto. As time goes on I hope to add lots of recipes. I'm a keen cook and have shelves groaning with an ever expanding collection of cookery books (all unwanted books given a loving home!). I tend to cook off piste as you may have guessed from the improvised falafel disaster. Speaking of falafels, I have been sent the recipe for Cafe Kino Falafels and am soking the chickpeas in readiness!
I have been reading a variety of baby food books over the last few weeks. As Mel has said many times before, Finger Food for Babies and Toddlers by Jennie Maizels is definately worth a look. Another I would heartily recommend is Baby & Child Vegetarian Recipes by Carol Timperley. Has some lovely recipes and ideas as well as feeling accessable. I bought it for a first time Mama friend years ago and think it is still worth the money. Optimum Nutrition for Babies and Young Children by Lucy Burney is an interesting read from a nutritional point of view and came to me recommended by a nutritionalist PhD. Sadly the recipes are puree heavy so have to be adapted or discarded for BLW babies.
I'm off to bed now ;0)
Happy Days,
Kat x