Thursday, 6 December 2007

What do the supermarket aisles have to offer?

As Millie is still off her food I thought I'd write about something a little different today. The company who deliver my shopping have noticed that occasionally I have a packet of nappies in my order. As a result they have started to send me free samples of baby food. It started about two months ago and they haven't stopped despite me not buying any of the products they have sent. As you can imagine the samples consist of purees and similar. I got curious and decided to take a trip down the baby aisles of my local supermarkets.


As you can guess the food is all geared towards puree weaning or older children. With the exception of some plain rice cakes (only different from the normal ones I buy because they have added vitamin b1) I came away empty handed. Rice cakes are very useful for squashing discarded lumps of veg onto so they're not wasted and can be picked up by Millie. I noticed that you have to keep a very close eye on the labels as even rice cakes have flavours added.


The supermarkets did have some good equipment. Leading the way is Tommee Tippee who have some very good BLW products. Their 'flip & sip' first cup is excellent (even if Millie is more interested in the sloshing sound than drinking!) and many other Mamas I know love them too. They have some long sleeved bibs which proudly say: "Look, I'm feeding myself." which I thought was very apt. My only critisism of these bibs is that they take ages to dry so you need a few. I found a slightly more expensive bib here which doesn't have any cloth so easier to re-use. By far and away the best thing I found was the Magic Gripper Mat which is fab to take out and about. At home I'm using the mat Mel recommended here which comes from Blooming Marvellous, a little pricey so if you find it cheaper post below and share your good fortune! Always good to get tips and ideas from everyone else so get comment happy :0)

Finally, it was Millie's half birthday yesterday. We celebrated in style and gave her a BLW friendly rice cake.

Happy Days,

Kat x

PS Won't be posting tonight as on a Mamas' Night Out to the Indian - DH is teaming up with another Papa for the evening shift. :0)


kirstin said...

Fab blogging Kat :o) A is quite partial to organix crunchy carrot sticks and sweetcorn rings- it makes her feel like shes eating something she shouldnt be (like my crisps lol)
More fruity favourites here are nectarines and plum.

Kat said...

Thank you Kirstin ;0)

I will check these out next time I venture to the supermarket. I might branch out into a little pitta now we are past six months, what do you think?

Kat x