Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Teeth, Car Journeys, New Friends & Porridge

Hello Girlies!

Well George and I are in Germany for Christmas with my folks. We came on the ferry, and stopped overnight with a friend in Belgium and her lo to break up the journey. For 2 days George pretty much survived on bread products (brioche and croissants) and banana porridge!

We also have 4 pre-molars coming through in various stages, so food seems to be off the menu in general.

Oh, except one thing....his god damn advent calender..that he can always manage - he has become a chocolate fiend! In fact, out & about yesterday he also had a chocolate santa on a stick given to him by FC himself! lol - coupled with 2 biscuits from a gluhwein store and the ever present advent chocolate it is a wonder George wasn't totally hyperactive!

Grandad is also giving him manuka honey on a tubby baby with no teeth may be coming back to the uk with me! pmsl.


Mel x


Kat said...

Hey Mel,

Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas.

Is it snowing there??

Kat x

Jeasmin said...

Nice to hear from you Mel. I miss your posts - not that Kat is not doing a great job - she is, and i do read regularly.

Yes, my hannah is also becoming a choco addict - where have days gone when we were ever so careful about what went in their mouth!


Mel_x said...

Hi Kat & Jeasmin,

no snow yet - but it has been minus 7 this morning! OMG eh???

Dad is delighting in the new laid back approach to food and is feeding George treats all day long!

We have some new tastes to report, so I will post again soon. Sorry for being gone more than I planned, things were a little crazy at home before I left.

chat soon


Mel x