Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Same old food.

Not a great deal to report on the food front. We continue with our veg, fruit and occassionally pasta. I offered her some chicken the other day. She had a small taste but made a face which said; "That's not going in my mouth Mama!" so I guess she's a vegetarian for now. She eats loads more than she did before. Tonight she put away a whole banana and half a pear on top of a big portion of squash sweet potato and parsnip. As I write this she also downing a bottle of expresso.
I'm sure you're all as fraught as I am with Christmas looming on the horizon. We have our tree up and that is as far as we have got! I am going to brave the shops tomorrow for some last presents and hope that we don't get crushed. I thought I'd been smart in ordering my food to be delivered but Sainsbury's substituted most of my Organic veg for regular - very frustrating!!
What are your babies eating for Christmas? Let us know what you plan to serve them in the comments section. Millie for her part will be eating sprouts...
Happy Days,
Kat x


Laura McIntyre said...

Well my baby will be eating everything we do but then she is 13 months. I cannot beleive its so close

Kat said...

Time certainly does fly!