Saturday, 22 December 2007


A very busy few days. I have finally finished my Christmas shopping and managed to get most cards and presents out in time! I have also managed to cook some quinoa for Millie.
I started by giving it to her in its naked state which did not go down well. The grains stuck to every part of her mouth which she found as offensive as rice cakes. I then tried rolling the veg in it which worked better as she ate it but it made an awful mess. Today I mixed it with a puree of banana and plum which was best of all as she ate all of the quinoa even though the puree element made an almighty mess. I went through five spoons too, as she kept ditching them on the floor. Still can't complain when she is so obviously happy. She was totallly hyper after supper this evening - has anyone else noticed this with any particular foods?
Busy food shopping day ahead of us and Millie's first sprout tomorrow...
Happy Days,
Kat x

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