Saturday, 1 December 2007

Poorley George

What a week!

After the triumphant return to eating when the molars arrived, we have slipped into a really bad cold, and food is off the menu again.

The gp has given us an inhaler to use, as whilst his chest is free of infection, he is rattling like an old man on 40 Woodbines a day. It is horrible. The sleep has also gone to pot too, so I am a very irritable mummy at the moment! We also have tooth no 7, another bottom front one - so all in all not a great week!

As such, George is back to subsisting on a diet of fruit, bread, cheese and malt loaf...with the odd kids tin of ravioli thrown is too depressing to see him eat 1 bite of something I have slaved over. Oh, how could I forget - yogurt - I think he is addicted to the stuff! lol. As a treat I have bought a few of the asda extra special pots, and he adores them!

My replacement laptop has finally arrived from my insurers, so once I get the it guy at work to make it all work properly I can put up some pictures!

I hope you are all liking Kat - there seem to be lots of new mummy's commenting, which is great to see. It is also lovely to see my "regulars" are still around - and good to know that the blog is still helping those starting out on the BLW route!


Mel x

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Kat said...

Get well soon Baby G. x