Thursday, 20 December 2007

Please Sir, can I have some more?

Millie has just been on a super feeding mission. She finished a lion's share of her veg and then looked at us as if to say, "What else have you got for me?". As she was still hungry I thought I'd try one of the free samples from Plum Baby. I used a 10g packet of 'super-porridge' as it had a good range of grains which I am trying to increase in Millie's diet. I mixed it with some of her expresso milk to make a stiff dough. I rolled the porridge-dough into little balls and helped her get it into her mouth (if I'd let her pick it up herself I think it could have been a disaster in terms of housework created). All eaten and still the look of a baby after food. She managed half an avocado and another parsnip before her evening expresso. I think I must underestimate her capacity for food as I was totally unprepared for this!
After the success of super-porridge I think I will give her some quinoa and millet tomorrow and see how she goes with that. Now, is it too early to bring in a third meal? I must say I'm at a loss as to how I will know when to do this; after all she eats more than guidelines say she should so maybe she could go for another meal. Then again, I don't want her to cut too much milk so maybe I should just let things stay as they are. What do you think?
I was speaking to a chum of mine today about EC and BLW. She said something so lovely that I feel the need to share it here. She said: "I really admire you for just getting on and trying things out rather than treating life as a dress rehearsal." I have never thought of myself like this and am incredibly flattered that she does. Her words were so needed especially when I feel unsupported by my family at times. I think we could all tell our chums what makes them special more often. So Fiona, I admire your enthusiasm for life and lack of reserve on the dance floor. I am glad you are my friend.
Happy Days,
Kat x

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