Monday, 31 December 2007

Plain lentils? No way!

Happy New Year! :0)
Apologies for the lack of posts over the last week - we have been very busy as I'm sure have you! We had a lovely family Christmas and I hope you all did too.
I mentioned in my last post that I was experimenting with some new recipes. Some went well and others were not so good - bad in fact.
I tried falafels on Christmas Eve and instead of getting a recipe I made it up. I ended up with a chick pea jumble which didn't hold together so I didn't even try to cook it. I offered it to both Millie and her cousin neither of whom seemed too interested. Luckily I am friends with the best falafeler in the world. Rosie is one of the cooks at Cafe Kino in Bristol a truly special vegan not for profit co-operative. If you're in the area drop by and say hello from us and try her falafels. I should be able to get a recipe from her which avoids dairy and eggs and is a darn site more tasty than my attempts.
I did have more luck with a vegetable risotto which I have added to the bottom of this post. I decided to cook a risotto for us as well as Millie on New Years Eve but didn't have enough rice to go around. I thought I'd replace Millie's rice with red lentils but she was having none of it and spat them out with a distressed look on her face. I can see why she didn't like the taste as they are quite earthy. Next time I will try them with spice.
Vegetable Risotto:
*Quantities as required*
Celery, shallots, carrot and garlic finely diced.
Veg such as frozen peas, courgette, broccoli (whatever you want / have) coarsely diced.
Risotto rice.
Veg stock (salt free if cubed) celery, onions and carrot brought to the boil and simmered while you prep the veg does nicely.
A little oil for cooking.
Parmesan if you do dairy.
Heat the oil in a heavy bottomed pan.
Add the celery, shallots and carrot and heat over a medium flame.
As they start to soften add the garlic.
Add the rice and stir through the veg.
Once the rice is almost crackling add a small ladle of the stock (the noise is called the sigh of the rice according to an Italian girl I know).
Add the remaining veg here. *Because of the veg I used I added them raw but you may wish to add them mostly steamed*
Once the stock is absorbed add another small ladle and stir it through.
Keep the risotto moving and adding stock until the rice is done - probably quite soft for babies.
If using, stir in a scant sprinkling of Parmesan.
Nice served warm. Great cold as it's stickier and you can make it into risotto fingers as in Jenny Maizels' Finger Food.
Happy Days,
Kat x


caramama said...

Happy New Year! Sorry I've not had much to say either, but it's been busy, and I've not been cooking lately.

The vegetable risotto sounds good, and I'll have to try that... but in a few weeks when I'm less busy at work!

I look forward to all your recipies, and I'm sure I'll be cooking again soon! Thanks for sharing them all!

Kat said...

Hey Caramama,

Happy New Year!

Let me know what the pumpkin thinks of the recipes!

Kat x