Monday, 3 December 2007

Pears are yummy.

I know I'm posting a little early today and that's because I'm off out tonight! Nothing terribly exciting though.
So for lunch we had some familiar carrot, parsnip and sweet potato. Good rooty yumminess. I may start branching out to some other veg - all suggestions welcome. Now, I know I got a bit spend happy with the reduced exotic fruit last week but that doesn't fit my ethics so well. Over the last week or so we have been ripening some lovely seasonal local organic pears. The food miles pale into insignificance compared to my exotic fruits so helping Millie's carbon footprint. Most importantly - she loved it. She ate two thirds of a big pear after very little of her veg. So more pear tomorrow. I may even make a pear cake for her half birthday - probably a little selfish as she's not having gluten or eggs yet but I'm sure we'll enjoy it! :0)
Lisa left a comment last night (great to hear from a Mama just about to start out) saying she found us through Google. We're currently on page two of a Google search on Baby Led Weaning. You can help us move up the ranks! If you post our link on your own website or in any discussions you may be having online relating to BLW then we will start to move up. Also, new Mamas can join us and share their experiences which is the whole purpose of this blog!
Happy Days,
Kat x


caramama said...

We haven't tried pears yet, but the Pumpkin loves apples! She was having trouble with the hard chunks, so here's a tip for anyone having problems:

We peel and slice the apples in the chip/fry shape, but the pieces in a bowl and microwave them for 1 minute or so to make baked apples. Then, to cool them off quickly, we add cold water to the bowl, dump the water when it warms up, add more cold water, and repeat until the apple slices are a good temperature to eat.

She LOVES them!

Kat said...

Wow good tip, thanks caramama! I'll have to try this out :0) Kat x

Laura McIntyre said...

Pears are a big hit around here, my baby loves them and asks for one every morning after breakfast (eating one as i type)