Sunday, 9 December 2007

I want your teacake.

Not content with fruit and veg, Millie tried to swipe a teacake today. Her appetite remains strong and she is once again eating everything she can get her hands on. I made a mistake earlier. We had a late lunch and so rather than being just before Millie's nap it was just after. She came to sit with us at the table and ate her way through a pile of veg. When it was time for her milk shortly afterwards she didn't want any. I remember being told to always give the milk first as this is where the majority of calories come from. I live and learn.
As she is now over six months I will be gradually introducing some grain based foods. A lot is written about allergies and often advice conflicts so I won't be adding my (unqualified) opinion to the clamour. What I will do when relavent is tell you what we are avoiding and what led us to that choice. More of that in posts to come.
I have been reading a blog called Motherland written by a woman from Winchester living in Cambodia. I think it is really lovely and thought you would like to read it too.
Happy Days,
Kat x

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Laura McIntyre said...

We never bothered much with the allergie thing, we held of with honey till one and peanut butter till 11 months. No history in the family and that