Sunday, 30 December 2007

German treats, Christmas & teething again!

Things have improved a little food wise, well the did for a few days at least!

George has taken a liking to a German Christmas speciality called Riebekuchen - they are just the most delicious potato dish...a cross between a pancake and a rosti, shallow fried and served in three's with apple sauce. In the end I get fed up sharing, so we ordered special kinder portions! lol

George was less keen on the bratwurst - but then he seems to be largely veggie these days! He has also had a few chips, and far too many gluhwein stall biscuits! Dad is still stuffing chocoalte down him too!

Christmas dinner was a non-starter really. He ate a bite of a baked camenbert very unenthusiastically! He seemed to like smoked salmon, but when given more refused to eat any! In the end for his meal he had philly on brown bread - I ask you huh! He loved the christmas pudding though!!

Since Christmas we have sort of drifted more to grazing than meals - and then with the onset of full on teething again (4 pre-molars and 2 top canines) food has slipped off the menu. George is mainly surviving on porridge with banana and dried fruit in it - so at least it is good for him! He has also been enjoying ice dates or fresh dates. All I knw is they are much easier to chop than the usual sort! lol

Will add pictures asap


Mel x

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Jeasmin said...

It's comforting to hear that G is doing the same with food as H - eating here and there rather than at meal times. It's doing my head in and I end up getting fustrated. But I read on BC site that this is normal for toddler behaviour - so i guess that's comforting. I believe in the saying that 'if a child is hungry then they will eat'! But that doesn't stop me from offering alternatives when she doesn't eat the food given in the first instance. LOL!