Sunday, 23 December 2007

Breakfast Inventions.

Another good eating day. Millie is still most contented to munch through a pile of vegetables (Carrots, courgettes, sweet potatoes, parsnip and celeriac today). I mentioned a couple of days ago that I thought she might want a third meal (breakfast) as she is a little feeding demon in the mornings knocking back formula and whatever booby milk she can get once I've expressed. She's also feeding twice before her first nap which she hasn't done since the early days. I was going to go with the 'super-porridge' we tried the other day (sampling does work!) but this evening I think I have stumbled across a homemade alternative.
I was making a fruit puree to combine with some quinoa and it came out a little runny. While Millie is ok taking a firm puree from a spoon this would have been carnage. Even once I'd mixed in the quinoa it was just slop. I felt loath to waste perfectly good food so I set about thinking of what could thicken it up. I came up with the idea of mixing in some 'baby rice' which as far as I can tell is just ground rice. Luckily we had a package in the cupboard and it did the trick. A firm fruit porridge which is absolutely perfect for breakfast. A recipe is at the bottom of the post.
I was reading a string of posts on the BLW group on Yahoo this evening and came across a thread about weight gain. I left a post which was probably really unhelpful. Despite Millie's gain-lose-gain-lose pattern of the last couple of months I have not had her weighed for two weeks and will not be doing so until next year. All at once I feel liberated and adrift. Without the weigh-ins I have none of the worry and guilt following a weight loss but this is now replaced with worry about not knowing what is happening. I have to guess at which way she is going (a loss following the last weigh in but now gaining by my estimations) and focus on giving her as much milk and food as she asks for. As always, I have a happy active baby who shows no signs of anything being wrong with her!
DH's family are arriving tomorrow and then we are off to my family in Yorkshire on Boxing Day (Yikes - first big trip since food began!). I hope to post a recipe which I'm making up tomorrow for Millie and her cousin to enjoy. If time gets away from me and I fail to do so: Happy Christmas to you and your family! :0)
Fruity Porridge:
2 bananas (brown)
1 pear (essentially you could have any fruit)
juice of half a lemon (stops the fruit going brown)
Some cooked quinoa
Some baby rice
Blend the fruit.
Mix in your desired amount of cooked quinoa.
This mixture will keep in the fridge for a day or so.
When ready to serve: mix in enough baby rice to make the mixture stiff.
Happy Days,
Kat x


Mel_x said...


I will add you as an author to the recipe bit too - duh!

Just to say, i have a friend who made porridge with quinor flakes? Might work??


Mel x

Kat said...

Hey Mel,

Happy new year. Thanks, I'll copy my posts across in the next couple of days. :0)

I haven't found the flakes although they are in Plum Baby Super Porridge which she loves.

Kat x