Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Babies who lunch.

We don't have many friends doing BLW. Actually, we only have one. I have lost count of the conversations I am not part of as I don't puree. Happliy, I have many conversations about what Miss A is eating as she is a little older than Millie. Here are the girls enjoying some fine dining at lunch today.
Carrots, swede and parsnips with some rice cakes for laughs. They had all but finished their food once ours came which made it a little tricky getting our lunch eaten. Another Mama came over and asked us how we had introduced solids and was astounded to hear that we had just given sticks of food to the babies and let them get on with it. I hope seeing them chow down gave her the courage to try letting her baby take the lead.
Happy Days,
Kat x

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